Reseller hosting is something which people use for reselling a company’s hosting resources on their own brand name without having their own physical network of servers or data centers. There are many companies which offer reseller hosting and allow people to sell under their own brand name but the following are the ones which are quite popular and also is trusted by many in the industry. Reseller hosting is quite famous as anyone can start his/her own by just paying a nominal fee and kick start their own business and then expand on their own. Many people have started like them and now have become quite famous in the industry.

1. InMotion


InMotion has ongoing sponsorships to today’s most popular open source programs such as WordPress, Joomla, b2evolution, & PrestaShop. It supports some of the great software & developer communities. Inmotion will take care of all the hosting needs for your business growth, from shared hosting for small businesses to enterprise level dedicated servers. And the management team at Inmotion is composed of technology experts who have an average 10+ years of web hosting expertise.

The purpose of today is to talk about the Reseller hosting plans of Inmotion,

With each of these plans, you will get a free dedicated IP, unlimited cPanels, Billing software, SSD drives, Softaculous (Auto installer), DNS clustering and few other such services.


R-1000S” which is a great starter package, Costs 900.82 INR per month as currently is it 50% off otherwise it  would normally cost you 1802.28 INR, with it, you will get a disk space of 80 GB which will be quite enough for  your reselling plans, you get the bandwidth of 800 GB/month. For 6 months access the price is 1621.98/month, similarly for 1 years it is 1441.69 INR/month and 2 years period it is 1287.16 INR/month.

“R-2000S”, The original price of this package was 2574.96 INR but now its 50% off so you can everything at price of 1287.16 INR for a month. It provides a Disk Space of 120 GB and a bandwidth of 1200 GB/month. For a period of 6 months, it will cost you 2317.40 INR/month, for 1 Year the cost per month will be 2059.84 INR/month and for 2 years 1802.28 INR/month.

“R-3000S”, Last is the package that will take your business to new levels, at a price of 1576.91 INR/month which before the discount was 3540.81, you can utilize the disk space of 160 GB, and along with that, you will be provided a bandwidth of 1600 GB/month. For 6 months package, it will cost 3186.66 INR/month, 2832.52 INR/month for 1 year and 2478.37 INR/month for a time period of 2 years.

Just look at the difference the 50% off discount makes on the entire prices of these reseller plans, all these packages are great for reseller hosting at Inmotion.



HostGator is a global web hosting and related service provider. It was founded in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University by Brent Oxley, HostGator has developed with great speed and is now one of the leading providers of Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated web hosting. HostGator is headquartered in Houston and Austin, Texas, it even has several international offices throughout the globe.  Endurance International Group acquired HostGator on 21st June 2012.

There is the three Reseller hosting packages available at HostGator those include “Aluminium”, “Copper” and  “Silver”, let’s take a look at them one by one:

a 45 days money back guarantee on all these packages which you won’t be needing, after that, you have instant account activation so you can start earning money with these reseller plans as soon as you set it up, and you get 24/7 phone, live chat, and email support.

Let’s start with “Aluminium”, it provides you a disk space of 60 GB and bandwidth 600 GB/month. it costs 1928.48 INR/month for a period of 1, 3 and 6 months. For more than 6 months access discounts are available, after applying it the cost for 12 months access you will be 1606.53 INR/month, for 24 months you will have to pay 1413.36 INR/month and for 36 months access you have to pay 1284.58 INR/month.

Next in line is “Copper”, with this package you will get a disk space of 90 GB and bandwidth 900 GB/month. The price starts from 2701.16 INR/month for 1, 3 or 6 months access. The prices after applying discounts for 1 year it will be 1928.48 INR/month, for 2 years access the price is 1735.31 INR/month and for 3 years it will be 1606.53 INR/month.

Now we can take a look at “Silver”, with this package the pricing starts from 3860.18 INR/month if you want access for a period of 1,3 or 6 months. after that you get prices with discounts applied for 1 year period it will cost you 1928.48 INR/month, for 2 years 1735.31 INR/month and for 3 years pay 1606.53 INR/month. It provides a disk space of 140 GB and with it a bandwidth of 1400 GB/month.



Bluehost currently has stopped taking reseller hosting signups which you can get from the following excerpt “In November 2014 Bluehost announced that it will no longer be accepting new shared Reseller hosting signups. As part of that announcement, Bluehost announced a partnership with ResellerClub wherein Bluehost is recommending ResellerClub as the hosting partner of choice for Reseller hosting. There are a total of 4 reseller packages that Reseller Club provides its customers they range from R1 to R4, all these packages provide a 30 Day money back guarantee. Apart from being flexible and scalable the reseller hosting provided here even includes WHM which is a web host manager that gives access to the back-end of the powerful cPanel.

These are the prices for the US server, you can choose IN and UK server as well. And these apply only to Linux Reseller Hosting, so it would be advised that you visit their website for more information related to other Operating Systems.


“R1”: for the first month you can get the services of this hosting at 410 INR, after which it is 1290/mo, It provides 40 GB disk space and 800 GB data transfer speed. It even presents it users with unlimited website option.

“R2”: This package starts at 1425 INR/mo but for the first month you just have to pay 410 INR after that you can have access to the  50 GB Disk Space and 1000 GB Data Transfer which could be perfect for you reseller needs. along with that, the users will get Unlimited Websites and Free WHMCS.

“R3”: The Pricing for this package starts at 1900 INR/mo, only for the first month you can pay 410 INR, R3 has provided 100 GB Disk Space, which is plenty and 2000 GB Data Transfer that will be essential for earning better profits. And then you get Unlimited Websites along with Free WHMCS.

“R4”: For the first month it will cost only 410 INR but after that, it will be 2885 INR/month, This package might cost a tad more than the other ones but it does provide 200 GB Disk Space and is optimized for speed with 4000 GB Data Transfer. Excluding these, you even have access to Unlimited Websites and Free WHMCS.

4)A2 Hosting


A2 hosting was launched in 2003 it is situated at Ann Arbor (AKA “Tree Town”) for which they have taken great measure to support FutureServe Green Hosting Initiative which focuses on protecting our environment for the future generations.They are proud partners of, which is a leading organization in the battle against global climate change. Since 2007, a2 hosting has supported their reforestation efforts and continued development of clean, renewable sources of energy. This hosting service provides a lot of features some of them are the Turbo Servers for page loads up to 20X faster than any of the competing web hosting companies and a 99.9% Uptime Commitment.

There are 4  Reseller Packages this hosting service providers, they have features like Free SSL & SSD, WHM Control Panel and Free eNom Reseller Account and you have Anytime Money Back Guarantee on all of these.


Bronze starts at 849.71 INR/month for Linux, and 934.27 INR/month for windows, with this package you will have access to 30 GB Storage and 400 GB Transfer and it includes a total of 40 Accounts and Free WHMCS which is used for billing.

With the Silver package, the pricing starts at 1189.59 which is for Linux, for Windows, it starts at 1274.15, with this package you will have access to 75 GB Storage and 600 GB Transfer speed. It includes 60 Accounts.

For Gold the price starts at 1571.34 INR/month for Linux and for Windows it starts at 1656.72 INR/month, it will provide you a 150 GB Storage space and with it 1000 GB Transfer along with 80 Accounts and Free WHMCS for billing purposes.

Platinum is by far the costliest one and starts at the 2633.68 INR/month which is just for Linux, for Windows the start price is 2719.06 INR/month. At that price, you will get 200 GB Storage and data transfer speed of 2000 GB and it even provides 100 Accounts to all its users who choose this package. It even has Free WHMCS for billing.

As we have already mentioned above a2 hosting has been fully optimized for speed with its faster servers, it provides reliability with the promise of 99.9% of uptime and it even goes on to provide 24/7 support which is an essential factor when choosing a reseller plan.


The AccuWeb Hosting is a USA based web host whose Headquarters are situated in New Jersey. It was founded in the year 2003. They provide many web hosting plans in Shared, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated hosting. There are basically two types of Reseller hosting plans, the Windows Reseller Hosting and the Linux Reseller Hosting. In the Windows Reseller Hosting, there are 3 plans, 1. the Silver plan is for 1831.9INR/month, there are 15 domains included, 50GB of SSD storage, 150GB of bandwidth limits and 15 Microsoft SQL Databases. 2. the Gold plan is for 4584.57INR/month, there are 35 domains included, 100GB of SSD storage, 300GB of bandwidth limits and 35 Microsoft SQL Databases. 3. the Platinum plan is for 8438.31INR/month. It has 65 domains included, 150GB of SSD storage, 600GB of bandwidth limits and 65 Microsoft SQL Databases.

Besides the above, the common features are 500 MB disk space per MSSQL Database, WebsitePanel control panel, unlimited email and FTP accounts, unlimited subdomains and MySQL databases, CDN Hosting add-on for 254.34INR/month and free setup.

Likewise, the Linux hosting plans are,

1. Bronze plan which is for 549.89INR/month that includes 10GB of SSD storage and 100GB of bandwidth limit.
2. Silver plan which is for 917.56INR/month that includes 30GB of SSD storage and 300GB of bandwidth limit.
3. Gold plan which is for 2140.97INR/month that includes 70GB of SSD storage and 600GB of bandwidth limit. and finally the
4. Platinum plan which is for 4252.96INR/month that includes 150GB of SSD storage and 1TB of bandwidth limit.

All the above plans include the following features together, unlimited domains and sub-domains, unlimited email and FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, PHP support, HTTP/2 support and a free setup for all.

The advantages of using the AccuWeb Hosting for Reseller plans are that the Customer support is really no1. 24×7 supported by live chat, tickets, email and Phone. The prices are very much affordable as compared to many other web hosts. A 30-day money back guarantee, many security options too. Besides a guaranteed 99.99% uptime, Data centers in 7 locations around the world. Regular backups, so many scripting languages, licensing softwares etc. a hassle-free cancelation and a 100% customer satisfaction really.



BigRock Hosting has given you the opportunity of profiting from the increasing demand for web hosting services. when you choose to partner with BigRock, you will be able to offer perfect hosting services to your clients. All the Reseller Hosting Plans of BigRock comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. It includes a lot of features some of which are free WHM account to manage the package and gives you access to unlimited cPanel accounts with Softaculous Control Panel with access to more than 250 Free applications such as WordPress Blogs, Photo albums, Shopping Carts, Chat, and Social Networking. Economy, Premium, and Delux packages all provide Free WHMCS which is used basically for billing purpose. BigRock provides 4 packages for over both US and Indian servers, below are the details about both of them.

US server packages:


  • ESSENTIAL, cost Starts at 969 INR/month and gives a 40 GB Space along with 800 GB  data transfer speed.
  • ECONOMY, the price starts at 1,199 INR/month, it provides a 50 GB Space and 1000 GB Transfer speed.
  • DELUXE, the Starting price is 1,349 INR/month along with that it provides a 100 GB Space and 2000 GB data transfer speed.
  • PREMIUM, this package has a Starting price of 1,899 INR/month and even includes 200 GB Space with a 4000 GB Transfer data transfer speed.
  • Indian Server packages:
  • ESSENTIAL, cost Starts at 1,499 INR/month and gives a 40 GB Space along with 700 GB data transfer speed.
  • ECONOMY, the price Starts at 1,849 INR/month, it provides a 50 GB Space and 900 GB Transfer speed.
  • DELUXE, the Starting price is 1,999 INR/month along with that it provides a 100 GB Space and 1200 GB transfer speed.
  • PREMIUM, this package has a Starting 2,699 INR/month and even includes 200 GB Space with a 1400 GB Transfer data transfer speed.

The benefits of choosing BigRock over other Reseller plan involve, instant provisioning so that you can start earning instantly, fast and simple, as it is powered by Cloud Linux technology, Apache, PHP, they are powered by increased flexibility and control and an easy control panel which is a cPanel for managing your entire website and associated services like emails and DNS.



NameCheap is one of the leading ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company. it has about 3 million customers and more than 7 million domains under management. it even offers domain names at some of the best prices in the industry, along with full-featured hosting packages, secure SSL certificates, WhoisGuard privacy protection service, and plenty of other useful features. FREE cPanel/WHM is available for all these packages.

You can choose from UK and US datacenter at Namecheap the pricing differs but the services are mostly the same.


Reseller 1,
Pricing for US datacenter, 1 month 1091.41 INR/month, 3 months 1072.09 INR/month, 6 months 1027.02 INR/month, 1 year 962.63 INR/month, 2 years 927.86 INR/month.

Pricing for UK datacenter, 1 month 1155.80 INR/month, 3 months 1136.48 INR/month, 6 months 1091.41 INR/month, 1 year 1027.02 INR/month, 2 years 992.25 INR/month. It includes these 25 resold accounts, 25 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth

Reseller 2,
Pricing for US datacenter, 1 month 1735.31 INR/month, 3 months 1715.99 INR/month, 6 months 1670.92 INR/month, 1 year 1606.53 NR/month 2 years 1579.49 INR/month.

Pricing for UK datacenter, 1 month 1799.70 INR/month, 3 months 1780.38 INR/month, 6 months 1735.31 INR/month, 1 year 1670.92 INR/month 2 years 1643.88 INR/month. 75 GB disk space and 2000 GB bandwidth are the included features.

Reseller 3,
Pricing for US datacenter, 1 month 2379.21 INR/month, 3 months 2338.64 INR/month, 6 months 2314.82 INR/month, 1 year 2250.43 INR/month 2 years 2213.08 INR/month.

Pricing for UK datacenter, 1 month 2443.60 INR/month, 3 months 2403.03 INR/month, 6 months 2379.21 INR/month, 1 year 2314.82 INR/month 2 years 2277.47 INR/month. Included features are 150 GB disk space, Unlimited GB bandwidth and WHMCS

Reseller 4,
Pricing for US datacenter, 1 month 3023.11 INR/month, 3 months 2982.54 INR/month, 6 months 2958.72 INR/month, 1 year 2894.33 INR/month, 2 years 2811.27 INR/month.

Pricing for UK datacenter, 1 month 3087.50 INR/month, 3 months 3046.93 INR/month, 6 months 3023.11 INR/month, 1 year 2958.72 INR/month 2 years 2875.66. 300 GB disk space, Unlimited GB bandwidth, and WHMCS.



GreenGeeks has been a leader in green energy web hosting, it was founded in California and has a North American Presence.

It has 35000+ happy customers, has hosted over 300000 websites, has replaced 615000+ KWH/year and has been in business for 9 all the times your account will utilize only the best of breed server hardware, the most dependable network providers and the most up to date software programs available anywhere on the internet. In addition, your GreenGeeks account will have a positive energy footprint on the environment which will be replaced by wind power credits and 3 times the amount of energy your website will use.

GreenGeeks provides the following useful packages which have very original names that keep up with the theme of this green hosting service. All of these packages provide its users with Unlimited cPanel Accounts and works great with both US servers as well as Canadian servers.


  • SEED, it costs 1284.58 INR/month it provides 50 GB SSD Web Space to all of the users who choose this package and it has a 500 GB Premium Bandwidth which will be best for your reseller purposes.
  • SPROUT, getting access to the hosting service with this package will cost you 1606.53  INR/month 80 GB SSD Web Space and it has an 800 GB Premium Bandwidth which is an added advantage.
  • PLANT, this package costs 2572.38 INR/month and comes with 120 GB SSD Web Space and 1,200 GB Premium Bandwidth for more faster performance.
  • TREE, the pricing starts at 3860.18 INR/month with it, you get 160 GB SSD Web Space and access to 1,600 GB Premium Bandwidth.
  • FOREST, this package has a price of 6435.78 INR/month and it comes with packed with services like 200 GB SSD Web Space and 2,000 GB Premium Bandwidth.

Here are a few reasons to choose GreenGeeks

  • It provides complete solutions, GreenGeeks promises 24x7x365 support services at an affordable price.
  • Then it also gives customer satisfaction by providing you access to the sales and service specialist who are eager to help you at all times.
  • you will form a personal connection, with its green energy web hosting service which helps you contribute towards the betterment of our environment in some way.



“A Small Orange” is not your average web hosting company. They have given their user to choose the services they require and pay just for them. Just so the users do not have any problem in handling the cost, they have provided 3 packages.

The small plan is for 1287.80 INR/month. It is Ideal for individuals and designers who are just starting to sell hosting services.In this plan, they provide 20 GB of Storage, 250 GB of Bandwidth and 30 Hosted Websites.

Then there is the medium plan, which is for 1802.92 INR/month. it is Perfect for businesses who want to migrate customers to a quality host. There is the 25 GB of Storage provided in it, plus 500 GB of Bandwidth and 50 Hosted Websites.

The third and final plan is the business plan, which is for 2575.60 INR/month. It is really the Best value for growing web designers, smart marketing agencies, and web hosts. In this plan the features are, 50 GB of Storage provided, 1500 GB of Bandwidth and 100 Hosted Websites.

Besides the above features, All the Reseller plans include:


ENTERPRISE STANDARD hardware, with Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors and fully solid-state-drive (SSD) driven storage in redundant (RAID 10) arrays.

CUSTOM ACCESS, which is full FTP and SFTP included database management via phpMyAdmin, cron job scheduling capabilities, customizable error pages, and even SSH (jailed shell) access upon request.

the POP3, IMAP, and webmail access are included in the EMAIL in it, besides spam, virus filtering, mailing list creation, filtering, email forwarding, auto-responders, alias capabilities etc.

SECURITY + RELIABILITY daily backups with multiple restore points, 99.99% uptime guarantee, IP-blocking, leech protection etc

SOFTWARE ACCESS the Softaculous script installer puts you just a few simple clicks away from having a fully-functional, database-driven website up and running.

FLEXIBILITY of the web host allows us to move to bigger and larger plans at any time we desire seamlessly and easily.

Besides the above features for the reseller plans, there are also some add-ons if we want. get the SiteLock software for 1287INR/year. try the easy-to-use drag and drop website for 708.3INR/mo. then the managed SEO services for 6374.6INR/mo.

Really a good web host to try out today.



The HostNine Web Host was founded in the year 2006. They are a reliable hosting service with many shared, reseller, cloud and dedicated hosting plans. The Reseller plans of HostNine total up to 4.


The first plan has 19 Resold accounts, 19 GB of storage space, 500GB of bandwidth, although it doesn’t give any free domain. It costs 1029.6INR/month if you take it for one whole year, or 1094INR/month if you take it only for one month.

The second plan has 99 Resold accounts, 99GB of storage space, 1000GB of bandwidth, and a free domain too. It is for 1609.11INR/month for 1 year or 1931.06INR/month for only one month.

The third plan gives 199 Resold accounts, 199GB of storage space, 1500GB of bandwidth, and a free domain. it costs, 2124.23INR/month for a year or 2832.52INR/month for one month.

The final and fourth plan gives 499 Resold accounts, with 999GB of storage space, a 5000GB of bandwidth and a free domain name in it too. The price of this plan is 3540.81INR/month for one year or 4957.39INR/month for only one month.

all the above 4 plans contain a free WHMCS, a Reseller Central in it, besides data centers in 6 different countries in the world. Some of which include the USA, England, Canada.

These Reseller plans have some of the standard features in them. we get cPanel access, and integrated with JSON API to create your own applications. Our data is protected by an enterprise grade SAN in multiple ways. The default ClamAV antivirus tool and the SpamAssasin tool keeps us very much secure for all the time. We get SSD caching tech for speed and stability. The Network safeguarding is clearly done in all of their servers for all hardware and components. There are 3 data centers in the USA, Texas, Washington DC and Seattle; besides the UK, the Netherlands and the Singapore. They also give a 24×7 support, Unlimited POP3/ IMAP email accounts and mailing lists. Modern technologies like PHP5, MySQL5, Perl5, javascript Ruby on Rails, Zend and IonCube, CGI-Bin etc. There are also some more freebies available to us in Cron Jobs, AwStats, PHP MyAdmin, Softaculous Script Installer, Rv Site Builder, SSH access, Unlimited Subdomains.


So far we have seen some of the very best and leading hosting service providers. if you go and enter “top hosting provider” in any of the popular search engines most of these names are going to pop up, So its no doubt that these are the best ones, what you have to decide is which one’s suits your purpose, if you are a looking for reselling plans that will earn you the most or whether you are one of those who believes in providing the best performance and more storage space to your clients, you can choose from the above list.